Going The Extra Mile

I’m a little reluctant to share this so you’re probably reading this post weeks or months after it first came to mind.

Sometimes while dating there is a tendency to cut corners. Maybe you don’t wear your best dress or you show up late. Maybe you decide when the date will end before it even begins.

But then, someone comes along that shows you what going the extra mile feels like on the other side.

I went out with someone recently (or not so recently) who without knowing or having met me, drove an hour to see me. I was waiting for the text that said “let’s meet halfway” or “let’s not meet at all.”

That text never came.

He seemingly, and without hesitation got off work late and drove an hour to see me. Me? Me!

And then we had a good time. And I realized that sometimes (read oftentimes) I don’t go the extra mile. Sometimes I’m trying to save something for later, other times I’m trying not to get hurt. But I could literally be doing more and not be so reluctant to wear the d*** dress.

What am I saving it for? Nevuary?

I was reminded of what going the extra mile feels like when someone does it for me.

The last time I went the extra mile I ended up with a broken heart, so going the extra mile is a bit of a challenge for me.

But I have to do it. I can’t expect it if I’m not  going to put in the same effort.

Maybe going the extra mile isn’t wearing the dress or arriving on time. Maybe it’s being attentive, texting back, or showing up.

Maybe it’s letting your guard down for a good one. Maybe it’s you. And you need to get out of your own way.

Happy Waiting!