A Full Upgrade

So tomorrow is my birthday and I have lots of emotions. It’s the first time in a long time that things are working well and not working very well at all.

On Saturday, someone hit my (parked) car. I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until I tried to open the passenger door. Thank God I didn’t have someone else in the car.

There are a few things that are broken or need to be replaced around the house. While I am blessed to have a house, it feels like everything is falling apart.

Now, I can totally admit I’ve been emotional lately and am in desperate need of some fun times – but I can’t help but to remember that time I was sitting in my room, in my apt,tears rolling down my face  and with anger I said to God, “FINE! If you’re going to change things, I’m going to need a FULL upgrade!”

Since then, things have been changing. My old job became a new job. My old boss became a new boss. I bought a house, started grad school, and was recently promoted. Things fell apart to fall together. 

So today, while I am a bit uncomfortable, I am also hopeful because I know God can do the possible. 

I’m trusting God or a FULL upgrade. I hope you’re trusting Him too. 

Happy Waiting! 

Don’t Block Your Blessing

Not long ago I was torn between a few opportunities. One was more familiar than the rest but they all had their pros and cons.

I worried myself to death about them. Ok, not to death but you get the point. 

Several months later, I realized the original opportunity was the best one by far.

We do the same with relationships. Worry, worry, worry…..instead of just living and enjoying the moment.

While driving home today I decided to reflect a bit more on all that had happened. One opportunity was clear cut and pretty straight forward while the others were a windy road of uncertainty. 

Most of all, I realized God already knew the outcome and was waiting on me to come around. 

How many times has God presented you with an opportunity and you scrutinized it to death? You put so much worry and fear into it that you could no longer rejoice about it. 

Since God already knows the end, we don’t have to worry about the outcome. Waiting comes to an end, but the lesson won’t…. if you don’t learn it.

Do yourself a favor – don’t worry. Trust me when I say I’ve worried enough for the both of us and it literally got me nowhere. 

Happy Waiting!